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A healthy smile starts with prevention and daily care.

Maintaining good oral health is key to preventing a number of diseases that can affect not only the teeth and mouth, but the whole body. Prevention is the best way to avoid dental problems and keep your health up to date.

Oral health is an important concern as the mouth is the gateway for many bacteria that can affect overall health. Prevention begins with the adoption of good oral hygiene, with brushing, flossing and mouthwash. In addition, it is important to make regular visits to the dentist to assess the health of the mouth and identify early any problems that may arise.

Prevention also includes healthy habits, such as avoiding excessive consumption of sugar and foods that can harm the health of the teeth and mouth. Another important measure is the application of fluoride, which helps to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.

With prevention and adequate care, it is possible to maintain good oral health and avoid a series of problems, such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis and even more serious diseases, such as heart problems. Take care of your oral health and lead a healthier life.

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