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Dental implants made from technologically advanced materials.

Dentures are a solution for people who have lost one or more teeth. They help recover chewing function, smile aesthetics and the patient's self-esteem. There are different types of dental prostheses, such as removable, fixed and implant dentures.

Removable dentures are those that can be removed by the patient for hygiene or during sleep. On the other hand, fixed prostheses are cemented on the teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. Dentures on implants are fixed on titanium pins that are inserted into the bone of the mandible or maxilla.

For the manufacture of dental prostheses, it is necessary to carry out a planning with the dentist and the prosthodontist. It is important to evaluate the quality of the bone, the condition of the gums, the patient's occlusion and the desired aesthetics.

Dentures can be made of different materials such as resin, ceramic, metal and acrylic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice should be made according to the patient's needs and preferences.

It is important to stress that adaptation to dental prostheses may take some time and requires special care, such as good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. With proper maintenance, dental prostheses can last for many years, giving the patient more quality of life.

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