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Customised solutions to restore and beautify your teeth.

Dentistry and dental restoration are areas of dentistry that seek to restore teeth and preserve their function and aesthetics. Dentistry is responsible for preventing and treating tooth decay, while dental restoration seeks to restore the form and function of damaged teeth.

The techniques and materials used in dentistry and dental restoration are constantly evolving, and today's dentistry offers various options for restoring damaged teeth, such as composite resins, porcelain, veneers and crowns.

Dental restoration may be necessary in cases of tooth decay, tooth fractures, tooth wear, among others. Dentistry, on the other hand, seeks to prevent these problems through techniques such as the application of fluoride, dental sealants and guidance on eating habits and proper oral hygiene.

It is important to remember that prevention is the best way to avoid the need for dental treatment and restorative dentistry. Maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding foods rich in sugars and visiting the dentist regularly are habits that can help preserve the health of your teeth and prevent dental problems.

If you need dental treatment or dental restoration, consult a trusted dentist to assess your case and indicate the most appropriate treatment. Remember that oral health is fundamental to the body's overall wellbeing.

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