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dentisteria em tempos de streaming o impacto do binge watching no seu sorriso

Dentistry in the age of streaming: The impact of binge-watching on your smile

  1. Introduction:
    • The rise of streaming in the modern era
    • The unexpected connection between binge-watching and oral health
  2. Eating habits during series marathons:
    • Sugary snacks: the hidden villain
    • Drinks: coffee, tea and other threats to teeth
  3. Bruxism and tension:
    • The link between suspense and gnashing of teeth
    • Long-term consequences for your teeth
  4. Oral Hygiene and Irregular Schedules:
    • Skip the nightly cleaning routine
    • The danger of long nights
  5. Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Smile During Marathons:
    • Smart snack choices
    • Oral hygiene reminders
  6. Conclusion:
    • Re-evaluating our visualisation habits
    • The balance between entertainment and health


O cenário televisivo sofreu uma revolução. As noites de sábado aguardando o próximo episódio transformaram-se em maratonas contínuas de séries. No entanto, enquanto nos perdemos nos enredos intricados, raramente ponderamos sobre o impacto desta cultura de binge-watching na nossa saúde oral.

The Rise of Streaming in the Modern Era: Streaming services have catapulted us into an era of on-demand content consumption. Platforms like Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime offer huge libraries, making it easy to fall into the temptation of watching several episodes in a row. But apart from the obvious effects on our sleep routine, what else is at stake?

Eating habits during series marathons

It’s been scientifically proven* that when we’re distracted, we eat more. Now add to that the tradition of “popcorn and a film”. The result? A festival for oral bacteria.

  • Sugary Snacks: the Hidden Villain: Many of us have a penchant for sweets during those marathons. However, sugar, combined with the acidity of many soft drinks, creates a breeding ground for tooth decay.

  • Bebidas: Café, Chá e Outras Ameaças para os Dentes: E então, há aquelas longas noites alimentadas por cafeína. Para muitos, a necessidade de manter-se acordado resulta em várias chávenas de café ou chá. Ambos, apesar de reconfortantes, têm compostos que podem manchar os dentes, tornando-os amarelados ao longo do tempo.

dentisteria em tempos de streaming o impacto do binge watching no seu sorriso

Bruxism and Tension

With the rise of psychological thrillers and intense dramas, many viewers feel the side effect of tension.

  • The link between suspense and teeth grinding: Tense episodes and cliff hangers can unconsciously lead to teeth clenching or grinding. These actions can cause tooth wear, as well as headaches and jaw problems.

  • Long-term Consequences for Your Dentition: Untreated bruxism can result in chronic problems, from tooth erosion to temporomandibular joint problems.

Oral Hygiene and Irregular Schedules

The clock strikes 2am and the thought of getting up to brush your teeth seems less appealing than continuing to watch. The problem? This postponement of oral hygiene.

  • Skipping the Nightly Cleaning Routine: By skipping this crucial step, food residues and bacteria have a party during the night, resulting in bad breath and a higher risk of cavities.

  • The Danger of Long Nights: The lack of adequate salivation during the night makes the mouth more susceptible to problems. What’s more, if you’re consuming sour or sugary foods and drinks during these hours, the risk increases even more.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Smile During Marathons

Protecting your smile during series marathons is not an impossible mission.

  • Smart Snack Choices: Opt for healthy alternatives such as carrots or celery. These are not only nutritious, but also help clean your teeth.

  • Oral Hygiene Reminders: If you find it difficult to remember to brush your teeth after each episode, set an alarm or use apps to remind you.


The streaming revolution has brought many benefits, but also some unexpected challenges for oral health. The key is balance. By being aware of the risks and taking precautions, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: quality entertainment and a radiant smile.

* “Effects of distraction on macronutrient intake during a meal and the role of awareness.” por Robinson, E., Aveyard, P., Daley, A., Jolly, K., Lewis, A., Lycett, D., & Higgs, S. (2013) in Journal of Nutrition.

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