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Did you know that scaling is one of the fundamental pillars of oral health? This practice is essential for maintaining a radiant smile and preventing a number of dental problems.

Scaling is the meticulous removal of tartar, a hardened bacterial plaque that forms on the teeth and gums. This build-up can cause inflammation, gingivitis and even periodontal disease if not treated properly. Fortunately, a regular visit to the dental clinic can solve this problem.

During the scaling procedure we use special tools to remove tartar and leave your teeth clean and free from harmful bacteria. It is a painless and extremely rewarding experience as you can feel the difference immediately after the session.

Home Whitening

Professional tooth whitening is a medical act that can only be performed by professionals or recommended and guided by them.

In treatments supervised by our dentists, in the application of bleaching material at home (“out-patient treatment”), the products of lowest concentration are generally used (carbamide peroxide at 10% but which can go up to 16%), for varying periods (from 1 to 8 hours a day), for several days or weeks with varying effects.

For best and safest results, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and not to exceed the recommended application time.

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check up e diagnóstico dentário

Check up and Dental Diagnosis

Dental check-up and diagnostic consultation is a fundamental step for oral health. In addition to a thorough clinical assessment, this consultation includes demanding complementary examinations such as panoramic radiography and scanning of the dental arches.

Panoramic radiography provides a comprehensive view of the teeth, bones and surrounding structures, allowing problems such as tooth decay, periodontal disease and dental anomalies to be detected. The dental arches scan uses advanced technology to create three-dimensional digital models of the teeth, helping to diagnose alignment, bite and the need for orthodontic treatment.

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