Our specialties


Botox Is a prescription medicine non-surgical treatment that is injected directly into the muscles and used to improve the look  […]

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery  Maxillofacial surgery is a purely surgical specialty of dentistry that deals with problems of the jaws, face and mouth. […]


Endodontics  Encompasses the study and practice of the basic and clinical sciences involving the biology of the normal dental pulp […]

Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics  Nothing is more attractive than a beautiful smile. An attractive smile gives confidence, impresses and creates a sense of warmth and youthfulness to the face. […]


Implants  A missing tooth can be replaced with a more permanent solution than a bridge or denture, in the form of a dental implant. [..]

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry The best way to ensure that your child has excellent oral health is by coming to see us for an examination. […]


Orthodontics Is specialized in treating patients with improper positioning of teeth when the mouth is closed (malocclusion), […]


Periodontology Is the study of the specialised system of hard and soft tissues that supports your teeth and maintains their position in the jaw. […]

Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis Prosthetics means replacing a missing tooth or its part with a construction made in the dental laboratory (prosthesis). […]

Gas and Air Sedation

Gas and Air Sedation  Whether in children or adults, one of the main problems of patients in coming to the dentist is the fear and anxiety.  […]


Radiology Compared to Conventional Radiology, Digital Radiography, through sophisticated techniques and high performance equipment, […]

Preventive oral health care

Preventive oral health care Good oral health enhances our ability to speak, smile, eat, and show our emotions through facial expressions. […]